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The Conscience of Quality – World Quality Week, 2022

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Quality Management is not solely about the design and quality of an end-product, but also the quality of the ways in which an organization delivers its services.

Take, for instance, a car manufacturer. They will have a management system in place to ensure that their cars conform to a pre-determined (often accredited) standard – think Euro NCAP.

However, to maintain a good reputation to boost growth, the manufacturer also must manage the aftercare service (customer satisfaction); marketing and communications and dealership networks, to name a few, and all of which are the essence of Quality.

How is this important for your business?

Ensuring that you have a robust Quality Management System (QMS) in place can help protect your business from avoidable losses due to litigation, time-loss and a declining bottom-line.

A QMS that is working as it should enables a business to grow, protect its interests, and guarantee that it can provide a service or product to the expected level.

You could take this a step further by having your Quality Management System certified to a UKAS standard; such as ISO 9001. Having a certified QMS proves that your company is competent and compliant in its management – which builds client confidence and allows further room for business development.

What if you need help?

If you find that implementing a QMS into your business is a difficult task, Base Solutions are happy to give you support.

We are able to provide you with:

  • Quality Management Consultancy – helping you to implement a QMS

  • Quality Management Internal Auditing – auditing your current QM system

  • Guidance and support for ISO 9001 certification

  • As well as QMS training and implementation packages, tailored to your needs.

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