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CDM Advisory Service

Our consultants work closely with developers, principal designers, architects, principal contractors and contractors.  We're on hand to offer relevant advice and guidance throughout each project, from the initial design stage through to completion of the construction phase. 


CDM Guidance & Support

Most construction project requires the assistance of a CDM (construction, design, and management) Advisor. By providing sound, competent advice, our clients are able to meet construction design requirements, reduce risk, and comply with health and safety laws. We ensure that all construction projects fully adhere to health and safety procedures, including the CDM Regulations 2015.

Benefits of having our support

As your CDM Advisor, we would:

Ensure projects plan are in line with the CDM Regulations

Compilation of construction phase plans.

Advice on construction risk management, assisting with prevention principles.

Continually improve the Health and Safety management system.

Supporting contractors during the construction process.

Site health, safety and welfare audits

For more information on our CDM services, please contact us

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