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Quality Management Awareness Training

Over the last 5 years, Base Solutions has been providing Quality Management Awareness Sessions that are aligned to the ISO 9001 requirements.  These sessions have helped many of our clients to understand and simplify the implementation process and how to effectively maintain their Quality Management Systems.


Benefits of having QMS training

One of the main objectives of the awareness training is to provide an understanding of the ISO 9001 standard and how to implement and manage a quality management system which should be based on company activities and compliance requirements.  This session is comprehensive and is targeted towards all levels of employees including company directors.

Aims & Objectives of the Awareness Session:

To provide an understanding of the ISO 9001 standard and its requirements

To simplify the implementation process

Explain the purpose and benefits of having a quality management system

To provide an understanding of ongoing monitoring and management of activities for continual improvement of the system

To provide an understanding of how to embed quality management into the business and across all areas

Explain the need for effective auditing

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