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Health & Safety
Face to face training

It is essential to the sustainability of your business that both your employees and customers safety is maintained, as well as that you meet your regulatory obligations. As a leading provider of health and safety training, Base Solutions makes it easy for you to train your management team and employees.


Understanding Risks and Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of an organisation is to ensure its workforce is competent to undertake assigned tasks.  This can only be achieved through experience and training.  Base Solutions can help to set the foundation for the expansion of skills and knowledge across your business.  A few examples of courses offered are: 

IOSH Managing Safely

First Aid at Work

Working at Height

Workplace Transport

IOSH Working Safely

Manual Handling

Asbestos Awareness

Fire Warden Training


Online or Face-to-Face?

We are flexible in our approach to training delivery. Course can be delivered at our training centre, at the organisation's facility or remotely, whichever is more suitable. Our online courses can be accessed 24/7 through our training portal and your staff can undertake courses at their convenience and our dedicated team is available to provide the necessary back-office support.

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