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Risk Assessment Services

Providing nationwide coverage, we support customers from a wide range of industries, including healthcare, dentistry, education, medical, business centres, warehouses, residential properties, industrial sector, and commercial properties. 

We help you comply with the latest regulations

The Risk Assessment Support options available to you

Health and safety risk assessments for significant hazards must be conducted by all organisations and recorded by organisations employing five or more staff according to UK law. A 5-step process for conducting these analyses is provided in Health & Safety Executive guidance.

How does a risk assessment work?

When working on daily tasks and activities, a risk assessment identifies hazards, evaluates risks, and controls or eliminates those hazards.  All risk assessments must be documented.

Moreover, it is necessary for you to implement control measures to ensure the safety of all those who visit your site.

Options for support with risk assessment

Risk assessment can be made available in 1 of 3 ways:

We conduct the risk assessment on your behalf and prepare the documentation for your approval.

We provide generic risk assessment for you to amend according to the task and requirements.

We support you to complete your own risk assessments by training your employees, providing forms and checking the completed assessments.

Expert assistance in Health and Safety

A Safety Management System includes a policy and a range of documents, forms and are likely to be needed if your organisation needs to have risk assessments. The support provided through having a retainer contract, can help you meet your health and safety obligations?


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