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Is your business on the right side of compliance?

Base Solutions; Health & Safety, Quality, and Environmental consultancy – to take your business to the next level.

With inflation running at the highest levels since 1981, many people and businesses are having to look at cost savings.

Energy price increases in gas, electricity and other fuels have been a major catalyst for the current rate of inflation. At Base Solutions, we recognise these issues and have managed to keep price increases to a minimum.

With health and safety, failure to meet compliance standards can result in prosecution. Even minor breaches can be costly. Following the latest price increase, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) now charges £163 per hour for involvement in health and safety material breaches, this is known as fees for intervention (FFI).

Several times in the past 12 months, Base Solutions have assisted companies with their compliance issues; we have made RIDDOR reports for clients; conducted accident & incident investigations and guided our clients in putting remedial actions in place. All of this is in addition to providing a fully functioning health and safety management system (SMS).

Our SMS includes policies, procedures and generic risk assessments (that can be tailored to fit specific tasks), COSHH assessments, forms, registers and many more documents. We provide construction phase plans for clients and have also delivered a fully functioning mobilisation programme for a large project in Stevenage.

In addition to our consultancy business, we have fully revamped our face to face training presentations which sit alongside our online training packages, all of which assists with compliance and peace of mind.

Our Quality and Environmental business functions, with countless successful implementations, have taken organisations through to certification with BSI. A number of our Quality and Environmental business functions have become fully integrated management systems, which includes health and safety, as well as the quality and environmental international standards.

Should you still be unsure if your business needs Base Solutions’ assistance, below, we have provided some case studies of when things go wrong. – When you ignore compliance issues, and don’t get competent advice; your business pays the cost.

£300,000 fine after an 18-year-old was killed on a domestic construction site. In this incident, a drainage worker was working in a manhole, when his work van was driven forward to let a delivery vehicle past, resulting in fatal crush injuries.

£115,000 fine after a hand was amputated by machinery. This incident involved a maintenance engineer getting his hand caught in machinery; this task was not covered in a risk assessment and consequently, the machinery was not isolated for the task to take place.

£400,000 fine after a worker was left paralysed after being drawn into a screw conveyor. An employee sustained a pierced left lung, several broken ribs, four fractured vertebrae and a spinal bleed after being drawn into a large screw conveyor when trying to free a blockage.

Keep safe and incident free in 2023. Contact Base Solutions today.


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