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Sustainability in construction

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Earlier this month, a report was filed that shows only 24% of businesses currently include biodiversity impact within their sustainability strategies.

As the UK has lost around half of its biodiversity since the 1970s, it is clear to see this is an issue of the upmost importance.

Sustainability in construction is a hot topic at the moment. Within the sector, being one of the most potentially damaging to the environment, it should be a high priority to account for sustainability.

Especially biodiversity preservation; when in the planning stages, as well as adhering to preservation guidelines throughout all site phases.

However, measuring biodiversity can be challenging. Traditional methods involve having ecologists collect data ‘in the field’. This can be both costly and time consuming, as well as potentially prone to bias – due to data being collected from pre-determined ‘key areas’, which could neglect other biodiverse areas within a site.

Thankfully, advancements in remote satellite technology, as well as improved AI capabilities for mapping areas and data collection, effective monitoring and measuring is now readily available for businesses.

Measuring biodiversity is only half of the problem though. Compliance with new legislature (such as the Environment Act 2021), affects all areas of sustainability in construction.

If your business is found to have environmental nonconformities, you could find yourself facing fines and prosecution from the Environmental Agency. Additionally, pressures from meeting targets set within your business can stretch your time and demand attention that you can’t warrant it.

If your business finds itself struggling to navigate and keep up with: complying with external regulations and investor demands; measuring sustainability and recognising a lack of expertise in this sector, you could benefit from environmental consultancy.

Here at Base Solutions, we offer consultancy services for businesses needing help with ISO 14001 certification and the implementation of a robust Environmental Management System. We recognise the importance of consolidating your net-zero and carbon reduction targets; with a unique and personal package available to best suit your needs. Get in touch today.


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