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Batteries linked to waste fires

The Environmental Services Association has estimated that fires resulting from damaged or crushed Lithium-ion batteries costs £158 million a year. This coincides with a report from BBC News that around 700 fires are caused every year due to exploding batteries.

Not only is this a severe fire hazard, but there are also risks posed to the health and safety of dustcart operators; environmental impacts from the leakage of chemicals and the impact of fires on local communities and waste plants.

As we use more electronic devices, the number of li-ion batteries found in household items has increased drastically.

From toothbrushes to toys, phones, and even items such as greetings cards; all of these can contain powerful lithium batteries.

Therefore, it is pertinent to recycle all our waste accordingly. As a consumer, you can choose more sustainable items (for instance, choosing a product without single-use batteries) and be sure to segregate waste as advised by your local council.

As an employer, you could consider putting a battery recycling box in your workplace; as well as ensuring that you know your waste is collected and treated in an environmentally friendly manner.

If you require advice on your company’s health & safety or environmental procedures, responsibilities, or for general guidance, get in touch with the Base Solutions team today. Our team of consultants would be happy to help discuss your business’ needs.

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Source: Barbour


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