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Retainer Services

Our Quality Management retainers offer a flexible approach to the management of your quality system and the support required for its effectiveness.  You have the option of one of three fixed packages or a bespoke package that will be tailored to your requirements.

Retainer Packages Available 

Basic QMS Package

Suitable for small companies that have implemented a quality management system certified to ISO 9001 or looking to gain certification but requires limited guidance and support to manage the journey and improve the system.  

Premium QMS Package 

This package offers a more hands-on approach by our consultants to implement your quality management system or to support you extensively in the management of the system.   

Standard QMS Package

Suitable for organisations with ISO 9001 certification or embarking on the certification process but have identified a gap in resource requirement to effectively manage the system and wants to fill that gap with planned consultancy days.

Bespoke QMS Package

This package would be agreed based on your requirements and affordability.  It can include a choice of any fixed package with additional services, such as, office visits or we can build a completely new package for efficiency and compliance of your quality system.

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