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A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Risk Assessment on the MyBase App

Updated: Feb 15

Creating Risk Assessments is quick and easy with the MyBase App. Just follow these simple steps to use our templates, input accurate information and generate your instant report.

To begin your risk assessment, you'll need a MyBase account. For details on signing up, refer to our 'Getting Started' guide.


Before you start, ensure you're logged into your MyBase account and have accessed the relevant workspace. Typically, there will only be a single workspace available, often named after your company.

Go to Risk Assessments

After accessing your workspace, you'll arrive at the home page. To proceed, navigate to the risk assessment section by clicking on the warning symbol (Reports) located on the left side of the screen.

There are two ways to create risk assessments using MyBase. Option one involves building a risk assessment from scratch using the Builder, while option two entails utilizing one of our templates as a starting point.

Option 1: Select Builder

This is your hub to view all the risk assessments you generate. Now, let's initiate a new document by clicking on the 'Builder' option. You'll be prompted to fill in essential details like the project name, assessor name, activity description, location, start date, and review date. Once you've filled these in, just hit the 'Create' button.

Identify the hazards

Our risk assessment builder presents a series of targeted questions designed to create the most credible document possible. Providing accurate answers to each question is key to producing a risk assessment which follows the UK Health and Safety Executive’s recommendations.

Feel free to work on the risk assessment at your own pace; it doesn't have to be completed in one sitting. The document will be saved after you've entered the project details and also after addressing each individual hazard. Additionally, you can easily edit the risk assessment if any adjustments are needed or if something was inadvertently overlooked.

Option 2: Constructing your risk assessment using a template

To create a risk assessment using a template as your baseline, choose the templates option. This will lead you to a page displaying all available templates. From there, select your desired template to preview the risk assessment.

You can then choose the appropriate hazards. Once satisfied with your selections, proceed to create your risk assessment, utilizing the selected hazards as your baseline. This will direct you to the edit and preview risk assessment page.


Once you've successfully identified all hazards and are satisfied with the document, simply click on the 'Preview' button to review the risk assessment. Before downloading, take a moment to thoroughly review the entire document to ensure the accuracy of all provided information.


Once everything has been checked through, the document is ready to be downloaded. To obtain the final risk assessment, click on the 'PDF' button located at the top of the page for exporting.

Should any adjustments be required, you can simply revisit the risk assessment for editing. This ensures that there's no need to start from scratch in the event of necessary modifications.


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