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CHAS Accreditation

Need help with your CHAS application? Simply fill out the contact form or call our experts on 020 3976 9478 and we'll supply a no-obligation quote.

As part of our hassle-free and comprehensive service, we'll complete the CHAS registration forms for you and assist you if supporting documents as required.

  • Our team is with you every step of the way

  • Competitive pricing with no hidden fees

  • The process is quick, easy, and hassle-free

CHAS Enquiry Form

Simply complete this form and we will respond to you as soon as possible with a quotation.​

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How can Base Solutions help your business?

By becoming a retained client you can count on us to keep your Health & Safety up to date and assist you in completing your CHAS application. To enable you to make a successful application, we can provide you with the proper tools, paperwork, and training. 

Why should you become CHAS accredited? 

The CHAS Accreditation comes with several benefits including:


  • Compliance with relevant Heath & Safety legislation

  • Client reassurance

  • Pre-approval to work with over 1000 CHAS Clients

  • Display compliance in a range of areas including Health & Safety, Environmental and Equality & Diversity – with the CHAS Premium Plus accreditation.

  • Allows you to tender for contracts/jobs which may not be open to you without the accreditation

  • Save time and money when tendering, as quite often having the accreditation allows you to bypass some questions posed when completing a pre-tender questionnaire

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