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Fire Safety Guidance: Warning Issued as E-Bike and E-Scooter Fires Skyrocket in 2023

e-scooter fallen over

In light of recent revelations and tragic incidents, it is evident that the risks associated with e-scooters and e-bikes demand urgent attention. The alarming frequency of e-scooter or e-bike fires, with incidents occurring every two days in 2023 – a 60% increase compared to previous years – underscores the pressing need for action. In response to these concerning trends, the Fire Chief has issued a warning, urging individuals to be mindful of their sources when acquiring e-bikes and to ensure they are purchasing from reputable sellers.

The devastating fire that occurred last week in Cambridge, and claimed the lives of a mother and two children, with the father battling critical injuries in hospital, serves as a haunting reminder of the potential consequences of inadequate fire safety measures. Investigations conducted by police forensic teams and specialized fire investigators have determined that an e-bike was the likely cause of this tragic incident, emphasizing the crucial need for enhanced safety protocols.

Furthermore, a recent office inspection conducted by one of our consultants exposed the precarious situation of an unattended electric scooter left charging in the welfare area. This disconcerting discovery only amplifies concerns regarding the risk of fire outbreaks, posing a threat to both individuals and the facilities they occupy.

As the usage of e-bikes and e-scooters continues to rise, it becomes imperative to prioritise comprehensive fire safety precautions during their charging and storage processes. The anticipated further surge in the adoption of these products necessitates swift action to address potential fire hazards. Recognizing this urgency, the National Fire Chiefs Council has released targeted fire safety guidance tailored specifically to e-bikes and e-scooters. This resource encompasses essential messages that cover crucial aspects such as charging, storage, purchasing from reliable sources, and proper damage and disposal procedures.

By implementing these recommended safety measures and adhering to the guidance provided, we can mitigate the risks associated with e-scooters and e-bikes, safeguarding lives and properties from the devastating consequences of fire incidents.


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