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  • Rudy Witele

Unveiling the Cladding Crisis: A Call to Action for Safer Homes

Cladding is a construction technique employed since ancient times, for applying one material to cover a buildings external structure. Its primary function is to shield the building's structure from natural elements like rain and wind. Its benefits include insulation, noise control, and enhancing the building's aesthetic appeal.

Cladding issues have been exposed since 2023


The recent revelation by Barnet Council regarding the alarming safety issues surrounding cladding on hundreds of low-rise houses in the London Borough of Barnet has sent shockwaves. The council's decision to share its findings with other local authorities and call for collaboration with national and regional governments underscores the gravity of the situation. As fears mount over the potential national implications of this discovery, urgent action is needed to address the looming threat to public safety.

Uncovering the Cladding Crisis

The origins of this crisis trace back to a devastating house fire in the summer of 2023, which exposed critical safety flaws in the cladding of over 580 terraced homes. An investigation revealed that the UPVC cladding installed on these properties facilitated the rapid spread of fire, posing a serious risk to residents and neighbouring homes. Further exacerbating the issue, deficiencies in the timber frame construction and fire stop mechanisms rendered these buildings non-compliant with post-Grenfell building standards.

Finding the issues within cladding

A Multi-Million Pound Endeavour

In response to these alarming findings, Barnet Council has embarked on an unprecedented initiative to replace cladding on nearly 600 affected properties. With a commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of its residents, the council has allocated £3.6 million for the comprehensive cladding replacement scheme. This groundbreaking endeavor is believed to be the first of its kind in the country, setting a precedent for proactive risk mitigation in the face of emerging safety threats.

risk mitigation

A National Call to Action

Beyond addressing the immediate concerns within the London Borough of Barnet, the council's proactive stance serves as a clarion call to national and regional governments, as well as other stakeholders across the housing sector. Deputy Council Leader and Cabinet Member for Homes and Regeneration, Cllr Ross Houston, has sounded the alarm, expressing concerns that similar safety issues may plague homeowners in comparable properties nationwide. The implications of this revelation cannot be overstated, necessitating a coordinated and concerted effort to safeguard communities across the country.

Importance of collaboration and Transparency

Collaboration and Transparency

Recognizing the magnitude of the challenge at hand, Barnet Council has taken proactive steps to engage with relevant stakeholders, including the London Fire Brigade, housing associations, and regulatory bodies. By fostering transparency and collaboration, the council aims to ensure that all stakeholders are informed and equipped to address the cladding issue effectively. Moreover, the council's outreach to homeowners, including those who purchased properties through the Government’s right-to-buy scheme, underscores its commitment to prioritizing public safety above all else.


The cladding crisis in the London Borough of Barnet serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for robust safety measures in our built environment. As communities grapple with the aftermath of this revelation, decisive action must be taken to rectify existing safety deficiencies and prevent similar tragedies from unfolding elsewhere. With unwavering commitment and collective action, we can pave the way towards safer homes and brighter futures for all.

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